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Q: Where are the Periodicals Located?
Last Updated: Oct 12, 2022     Views: 31

Periodicals (journals, magazines, or newspapers published at regular intervals) are found in various locations based on publication date.  We have several online-access journals that can be searched from our website, in addition to our physical journals. 

The Lower Level (staff access only) holds the bulk of our Library's Periodicals.  Here you'll find Bound Periodicals (Call Numbers A-Z) and our Microfilm Room.  Please ask someone at the Circulation Desk for access to these items.   

On the first floor, you can find Current Periodicals and Newspapers located in the back of the building:

To search for a Periodical, try searching within Journals by Title under "Find Materials" from our Library Home Page:


Some of our Periodicals can be found in multiple locations.  Click on "See all versions" to view details:

Online access to journals will vary by date.  Our bound periodicals will typically have older print dates, and will need to be accessed by a staff member:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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