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Q: How do I Renew Interlibrary Loan Materials?
Last Updated: Jan 05, 2021     Views: 310

1.)  From the library's homepage, select "InterLibrary Loan" under Find Materials:

2.)  Alternatively, you can click on the Purple Button for speedier access:

3.)  Type in your Network Username and Password to login to your account:

4.)  By default, the account screen displays any outstanding (unfilled) requests, or items that have arrived and are ready to be picked up.  Select "Checked Out Items" in the "View" menu on the left to continue the renewal process:

5.)  Select the transaction number of the item you'd like to renew:

6.)  Once in the Transaction details page, you can click "renew request" at the top.  If you don't see "renew request", this means that no renewal is available to you.  

7.)  Once you've submitted your renewal, you should get a similar message at the top of the screen:

8.)  You will receive an email from us when your renewal has been approved, has a different due date, or has been canceled/recalled.  


Some Important Notes:

TOO LATE- If your item's due date has passed, you cannot renew online.  Please call Access Services at (315)781-3550 to attempt a manual renewal.

TOO EARLY- If you receive the following message: "You can only renew this request between the dates of...", your renewal has not been processed because it is too early.  Please try again no sooner than 14 days before the original due date. 

NO RENEWAL- Depending on the lending library's policies and/or type of item, renewals are not always allowed through ILL.

If you have any further questions, please contact Access Services at (315)781-3550, or submit a question.


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