Q: How do I Create a Faculty Reserve List?
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1.)  From the Library's homepage, select "Manage a Reserve List" under Faculty Services:

2.)  Login with your network ID and password.  Once logged in, you can view past Reserve Lists, create new ones, and read the Reserve Guidelines for more detailed information: 

3.)  To Create a New Reserve List:

  1. Click on "Add a Course"
  2. Enter Department, Course Number, Course Name, and select the proper Term:
  3. Click Submit
  4. Click on "Add an item":
  5. Add the information of each item.  Item Type, Ownership Status, and Title are all required fields.  Click Submit for each item:
  6. Once you've submitted all items, check back for any edits you have to make.  If you have any videos on Reserve, now is a good time to request a "Film Booking".  If all looks well, you're done!  You can add more items to this list throughout the semester if needed.


Some Important Notes:

*Books will not automatically be placed on Reserve once you've submitted the Request.  The process usually takes a few days depending on the time of year and how many lists we have.

*Personal copies should be brought to the library circulation desk.  Upon delivery, please let the staff member know your name, course number and course name.

*If you choose "Request for Acquisition" while creating your Reserve List, there is no need to place an additional request through our Acquisitions Department- this automatically starts the ordering process and notifies your Liaison. 

*If adding Articles, please make sure they are electronically owned by the library so we can provide a stable link to them.  A good place to search is within the SingleSearch bar.

*If you need to take an item off Reserve, please do not remove the item from your list.  Please call x3550 or message us to let a staff member know.

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