Q: How do I Search for a Video?
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1.)  There are several ways to search for film, whether it be DVDs, VHS, or streaming video.  Our Media & Society Research Guide has a convenient film tab with options for searching all 3.  From the library's homepage, navigate to the guides under "Search Collections":

2.)  Scroll down and select the Media and Society guide:

3.)  Within the Research Guide, click on the very last tab marked "Video":

3.)  From here you can explore the guide for various individual search options, or use the SingleSearch feature to search all 3 forms of video:

4.)  Once you've completed your search, a list of your results will display.  Items that we own will be listed at the top.  It will also display any online streaming links to let you view immediately:

5.)  DVDs are located on the 2nd floor of the library:

* VHS tapes are located in storage.  Please see someone at the Circulation Desk for retrieval. 

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