Q: How do I Find Articles?
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A note on Scholarly Journal Articles: There is a significant difference between popular magazine articles from publications such as Time, Harper's Bazaar, and Popular Photography and scholarly articles from journals such as the Journal of American History, Harvard Education Review, and Developmental Biology. An article is very likely scholarly in nature if:

  • the journal is published by a professional scholarly society or association
  • the citation for the article is found in a subject oriented index, such as PsychLit or ERIC
  • there is a list of reviewers (editorial board) at the front of the journal - this is called a peer reviewed, juried, or refereed journal
  • the article text includes citations, notes, or footnotes to authoritative sources.

START your article search by selecting an online database or print index from one of our research guides.

If you have a citation for an article, but no full-text, search for the citation's Journal or Source using the Library's Journals search. The Journals search includes all print and full-text, online journals available.

If the Library does not subscribe to the Journal, the article can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.